connectorgraph2The survey results of the first twenty-two families to use the Connector Rx found that their children showed a significant improvement in their ability to pay attention, engage and learn when connected. As you can see from the chart above, transitions were smoother when using the Connector Rx, the adult and child both found social engagement easier, the child was better able to pay attention and learn, and both the adult and child had a more positive emotional experience when connected than when not.

Every child is different, but with regular use, our clients have reported significant improvements in social capacities as well as improvements in behavioral and physiological challenges.

“He appears much calmer and more organized when he is wearing his connector and, most importantly, we feel a greater emotional connection to Skylar and sense that he feels more emotionally connected to us too.” (Tabor Family)

Other families have reported their children demonstrating improvements in sleep, hygiene, reduction in medication use, reduced tantrums and, perhaps most importantly, better family relationships. Many of our users have told us that the best part of using the Connector Rx has been that they have felt closer to their children and the relationship has become calmer and more fulfilling. One parent told this story:

The Connector Rx has become my most beloved tool to bring Paul back to a regulated and “normally functioning” state while providing that full cycle of learning.” (Redsky Family)

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