“For us the Connector Rx wasn’t a magic pill that somehow made my beautiful daughter less on the spectrum. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) It is however a tool that stacks the deck in my favor. It creates opportunities to share more experiences in a reciprocal way. We are in this together…literally.”

“How does a deaf person learn to dance, when they cannot hear the music? They learn to watch their partner. This is how I best explain what I am doing when I am working with my son on the Connector Rx.”

“Katie and I have been using the “Connector Rx” again for about 2 months now…about an hour a day. Have you ever seen this tool? It looks like we are both wearing a belt with one rope tied to both of us. We love it…it is like plugging Katie into the fastest internet connection and on the other end is me.”

How it Works

THHow it works Eric-TaylorThe Connector Rx consists of two belts; one for the adult’s waist, one for the child’s waist and a connecting cord, which is designed to come apart when pulled. The Connector Rx is a system that enhances the ability of the users to send and receive social signals.

Connector Rx research is ongoing, to explain how this relationship enhancing device works. Consultations with scientists and professionals have indicated that being connected may relieve stress on the child’s motor system allowing the brain to focus on other tasks. Others hypothesize that the Connector Rx may positively affect the vestibular system in the brain. Although the

THHow it Works Piper-Eli

reasons are not entirely clear, preliminary research has shownthat the simple act of physically connecting a child to their caregiver with the Connector Rx significantly improves the child’s ability to resonate with the caregiver’s experiences, and integrate this information to respond appropriately to environmental and social signals. The result is an improvement in the child’s relationship skills and in their ability to focus and learn from their social environment.

THHow it works Taylor-Eli